About the Tell us about yourself and your AI story

Let’s get to know each other and what is your AI story in this discussion! :tada:

  1. Tell us about yourself, your name, hobbies, interests or anything you want to share!
  2. Tell us about your work and your favorite part of your job.
  3. Why did you join the Peltarion community? Or what do you hope to get out of joining?
  4. If you have all the resources in the world, what AI would you build, and why?

Okay, I will go first! :grinning:

My name is Tosca, and I love to hike (I love the mountains!). I am also into alternative rock (specially in the 00’s). I am currently the Product onboarding and community manager at Peltarion, and I am the one responsible for giving you a happy place to discuss which I totally enjoy! If I had all the resources in the world, I think I would build the most efficient house, the smartest of the smart houses (it’s hard to squeeze in chores sometimes). Hehe! :smile:

Your turn! Leave your answers in the replies below! :blush:


Alright, here goes :slight_smile:
My name is Björn, and I love to build stuff - that typically means I either build no-code things or I DIY around my house.
I lead the Technical enablement team at Peltarion where this community lives, I’m also a frequent user of the Peltarion platform (of course) so I’ll try to help out in answering questions as best as I can.
When time and weather allows for it, I love mountainbiking, skiing and most things outdoors.
See you around!


My name is Calle (the passport says Carl but nobody calls me that). I’m responsible for Peltarions Knowledge center where you find a ton of info on how to use the Peltarion Platform. Fun facts:

  • I’m a music-aholic. That is, I need new music all the time - Pop, Klezmer, Oi-punk, Baroch classical, House, Soul - everything goes.
  • I love to build stuff, everything from cigar-box guitars to
  • I’m a true hipster - I bake with sourdough, I brew beer, I make cider, I grow vegetables and pickle them…
  • I love all kinds of food
  • My wife call me Mr Positive
  • I play the saxophone.
  • I’m a sailor
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I am Begüm, AI Onboarding & Applications Specialist at Peltarion. I work on creating educational content about AI and the platform, and I will be supporting you to have a smooth experience on the platform and get you onboarded :wink:

My favourite part about my job is to see many different use cases of AI, and inspired by you while supporting you!

Fun facts about me:

  • I am also in the ethics group of Peltarion!
  • I am half Turkish and half Romanian and I live in Sweden for 3 years now.
  • I love swimming so much! Also dancing! Doesn’t mean that I am good at it :slight_smile:
  • Organising events is always so fun to me!
  • And, I am obsessed with watching the stars, although they never move anywhere :woman_shrugging:
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