Can I also download a dataset?

I know it’s supposed to go ‘into’ the platform, rather than ‘go out’, but is there a way to download a dataset that was previously uploaded in the platform?



You can download your dataset, but note that it needs to have been trained on. You can download the training, test and validation sets as separate files.

To do this:

  1. Go to the Evaluation view > Predictions inspection
  2. Select Subset from the dropdown menu (Train, Test, and Validation datasets)
  3. Click Predicted button (and wait for the subset predictions to load
  4. Click on the Download icon.
    (To get the complete dataset, you need to do it for all 3 sets)

**Please note that this works with Tabular and text data, regression and classification problems, and the paths relative to the original dataset of the images but not with images itself. And It doesn’t work with similarity.

You can read more about it here in the Download inspection results:

But if you really need to download your original dataset without the predictions, you can always contact us.

I hope it helps!


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Great, that’s easy to do.

Thanks for your quick reply @Tosca !



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