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I have developed an data collection tool with Retool and Peltarion 2-3 months ago and it was working fine.
With the new Feature updates, I decided to go back and try the new features. But My data creation flow is not working anymore with the Error of “Reading Archieve”

I have pasted the flow below so we can discuss on it.

this is the text data I validated earlier.

this is the error.

Thanks for your time

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Patrick here from the Peltarion Product team to the rescue.

I had a look at your issue and I suspect that there is an problem with the parsing of the file once we receive it. The logs suggest an issue with interpreting the file as an archive (zip) but if you are only sending text data a CSV, which should also be fine, please just make sure you use the correct media type in the API request header.

  • Use text/csv for CSV files
  • Use application/zip for a zip archive containing a CSV

Since you gave the example content, I’ll go with the assumption that there could also a file formatting issue. If your intention is to send the above as a dataset I would recommend using a clear delimiter and separator structure as follows (note the last example for include quotes in the text):


review, sentiment
"film so good","positive"
"I don't like it","negative"
"It was so ""good""...","negative"

Mode details on the CSV file formatting here.

Please note that we do not keep any traces of files sent to us that cannot be parsed; so, if none of the above helps, I would like to ask if you can share more details about the file you are sending? What exact format is it in and in case that it is a zip archive, can you please let me know how it is structured?

Once we have the information above we can dig a little deeper if needed. We could then imagine trying to reproduce the issue with a mocked file.

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