Download your model’s predictions for the training, validation or test set

Download inspection results

You can now download your model’s predictions for the training, validation or test set. These are the data points that are available from the Predictions inspections part of the Evaluation module of the platform. This enables you to analyze the behavior of the model on the dataset used in any way that makes sense from your business perspective.

The predictions are exported as a .csv file which makes it easy to use your favorite analysis tool (e.g., pandas, PowerBI, excel) to slice the data and look deeper into the model performance. It also gives you the flexibility to compare predictions from different models. Right now, this feature is enabled for regression and classification problems. The download is available from the download icon shown below

You have a model for garment price prediction where the scatter plot shows some problematic samples. You want more information. Then download the predictions to look closer at the results using your favorite analysis tool.
Here you can see that the model has problems in the T-shirt category (red dots). This insight provides valuable input on how to get a better model, or simply that you shouldn’t use the model when predicting prices for t-shirts.