Salesforce data and winning deals

I have some sales data from Salesforce and I would like to understand which criteria are more likely to make me win a deal.

Nice use-case!
This sounds like a use case you could do on the platform. It all depends on the quality of your data and your problem type really.
We have some tutorials that could match your use case.

Regression tutorial here
The Sales forecasting solves a regression problem where the model predicts a number. It also shows you how to integrate your model prediction into Excel or Google sheet.

Binary classification tutorial here
The Buy or not solves a binary problem where the model predicts if a customer will buy or not. This sounds a bit like your use case, will you win the deal or not.

I suggest that you try these tutorials out and then use your own data.
Don’t hesitate to reach out to us again if you have any further questions.
Good luck!

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